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Customer Appreciation

We would like to invite everyone out to our customer appreciation day on October 12th from 3-6 pm in the Perry Country Park. We will be having a stunt show with Bill Dixon. Also we will be having inflatables for the kids, door prizes, a car show, free food and much more!  We hope to see you there!!!!

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The Battlefield in your Belly
If there was ever any doubt that modern life disrupts digestion, just take a look at the number of ads for antacids, laxatives, and stomach-soothing medications.

Diet Changes Can Alter Gut Bacteria, Study Says
Dietary changes can dramatically alter the balance of bacteria in the gut on a daily basis, according to a new study.
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Drinking caffeine may worsen the hot flashes and night sweats that affect roughly two-thirds of women as they go through menopause, new survey data suggests.
King Pharmacy - Hazard Health Tips
Perk up with desk yoga
If you feel drowsy at your computer, don’t grab another cup of coffee. Instead, try some stress-busting desk yoga. If you feel tension in the back of your neck, breathe deeply and do some gentle stretches. Raise your shoulders up to your ears and hold. Then drop them right down and release your breath.

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